Tuesday, 26 June 2012

That Moment of Truth

We all have those moments of truth. When you look at old pictures and realize how your siblings were babies. When you look through old clothes and realize you never got tired of wearing that favorite one which Mom secretly gave away. When you come across a song that's ten years outdated and every memory tied with it comes rushing back. When you read through school slam books and laugh your ass off on reading that your friends have Dum as their favorite movie. Or kept never ending fullstops in their crush list. And turn to the last page to see you've filled in details that are the the most hideous of them all!

Worst of them all - When you realize you're never going to fight over lunchboxes. You never knew the last time you donned on that uniform, that it would be the last time ever. When you realize the only reason you had the nerve to sing in public was because you thought anyone singing the backstreet Boys were cool anyhow. When it dawns on you that you're never going to be able to sleep every night after sharing the night's last word with the closest friends. When you recall secretly glancing at each other through an emotional movie to see who would inaugurate the tear sessions. Or be just one phone call away from having a girls' session. When you know that no matter how much technology shortens distance, you will never be able to have a sleepover without months of planning.

Truth is, I had a nonchalant attitude to anyone who said that school or college days once gone, are gone. Yeah right, I'd smirk - Life is going to be awesome, InshaAllah. Hell yeah, it is. But nobody ever told me that I'd miss being silenced by waiters at restaurants for bringing the house down. Or that I'd never be able to capture a thousand pics in just half a day's event. Wow, 18 years later, I know. And when I do tell my brothers the same, I see that they've taken after me just like any other kid. You never know the value of something unless you lose it.

For Good.