Thursday, 12 January 2012

The mixed baggage. Called Life

I do miss my doing nothing days when I did get the time to write posts almost everyday at work. This was work - thinking about what I would write. With each passing day, I'm just falling deeper in love with my bed. :)

As my mom watches a gruesome episode of Man Vs. Wild, I've finally found the time to write a new post. Yaay! So the past couple of weeks (has it been weeks or days) were pretty awesome. I traveled to 2 cities - one out of sheer compulsion. And the other, to do what I do best - Girls' day out. Well, more like weekend!

My father was going on a business trip to Mysore - a place that means palace to me. Here's the compulsion part of it - Mom dragged me along to what would be a pretty awesome trip. What did we do? Hang out at the zoo. Yes, people still do that. It's not that I resent animals. It's because I love them that the whole idea of caging them, especially birds drives me ballistic. Oooh yeah, we did indulge in food experiments. :)

Girls' weekend out = Cochin = Shopping + Eating = Lifetime Memory.
I think this trip changed what my perception of Cochin was. Atleast to an extent. I'm so used to to the Calicut hospitality that I pretty much expect the rest of the Keralites to exhibit the same. And that is, most often, completely the opposite. This time around, the rickshaw drivers were absolute gems when it came to taking us around. Only did we realize later that they were big fat liars as well. We shopped till we literally dropped.

Pointers you should keep in mind when you travel to these places :
  • Never speak Hindi in Cochin or Malayalam in Mysore. The auto drivers will definitely take you on a ride. A very costly ride.
  • Check out the deadly pastries in Loyal Food World, Mysore and the desserts at Cocoa Tree, Cochin. To di-ee for!
  • The Lebanese Shawarma at Oberon, Cochin. As close as you can get to the real stuff in Mallu land.
  • NBC's Chicken Biryani. Now this is as close as you can get to my mom's biryani!
  • Always pack your camera before you pack your undergarments. You can always buy new clothes, but you gotta be filthy rich to buy a new cam. 
Until the next time, folks! 

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