Sunday, 20 May 2012

Chocolate Love.

I blame BSNL for ruining the continuity in my Bangkok Holiday posts. If it hadn't been for their wavering connection, I would have written 3 more posts. Yes, it's ALWAYS the government's fault!

Pretty much happened over the past few weeks. As can be seen, grew lazy. It all started with me quitting work to "focus" on designing. And I'm still waiting for THAT to happen! Leaving work has given me some time to get back to baking - Oh yes, I realized I never fell out of love with my oven. I'm definitely taking it with me should I happen to leave home.

Now that piece of cake is literally, umm a piece of cake in my childhood memory. My uncle would bake it and bring it home. The moment he'd leave, me and my sister would devour slice after slice of decadent chocolate goodness. Oh I could never stop talking about that cake. Only recently did Mom tell me it's called German Chocolate Cake and oh boy, it was one of those times I thanked Allah for Google!

Maybe I should become a baker. Or a pastry chef. Or maybe just a chef. I definitely want to become a teacher at some point. And get involved in charity. And become a traveller.

Masterchef Australia is baaaack with a bang!

This post reminds me of a time when I used to write letters to friends. My friend would ask me to stop jumping in between topics. :)

And a restauranteur. Knew I had forgotten something!


  1. very cute :))) maybe u forgot ur dream profession as a designer of cutsomised itineraries? ;)

  2. Haha :) I think I'll stick to that when I start traveling on my own. And for friends as well ;)