Monday, 14 November 2011

What do you want to do before you die?

Visit Paris, for starters.

You know, how many million things we want to do before bid goodbye. And how more than three quarters of it is well, just a dream. But then, that's the point of it all. :)

Apart from becoming the best Muslim I can possibly can, this just about rounds up the things I definitely want to do.

1. Oh god, I'm so confused! I don't know which one to list first :) I'll go with the cliche one. Have a bloody awesome career and design a celebrity's house who'll take me to Europe for shopping
2. Take my parents on a world tour. And after they come back, go on one. Not alone though
3. Open a restaurant, a patisserie or a classic bakery. And that is after I do a professional culinary course. The best part is I'll do the interiors and be the head chef, and manage it all. Now ain't I a big dreamer :)
4. Bungee Jump. When and where, still got no clue.
5. Also try my hand at skiing, scuba diving, river rafting and para gliding. Don't send me to Goa, it doesn't have ALL of this
6. Become so thin, that no matter how much eat, I'll always be fit. Haha, coming to think of it, this should have topped the list!
7. Have Mom's cutlets and Bolognaise to my heart's content. With no brothers or sister to fight over it.
8. Visit Riyadh just for a while to relive all those good memories
9. Disney World. Yes Yes! I still have a thing for Mickey Mouse, Pooh and all the new entrants :)
10. Do some quality charity work. Other than the bits and pieces, something that really makes a difference
11. Get proposed to with a Tiffany Ring. Now, this is totally not something I can do!
12. Own a beachside house with French windows and a walk-in closet and a round bed and a super cool kitchen
13. Experience a REAL snowfall
14. Test drive a car that is faaar beyond my reach
15. Make a yearly ritual of taking off on a holiday

This can go on and on and on

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