Sunday, 6 November 2011

Eid Mubarak!

This is definitely one of those occasions when I miss my childhood. And when I say miss, I mean really miss. Because Eid was so much more fun. The thing with Eid is you don't want each year to be different. You just have a routine and that makes it perfect.

Up until I moved back to India, I indulged in the festivities in Saudi and oh boy, did I have fun or what! My sister and I were so excited about our Eid dresses that we would make our mom hide it a month before. Just so that we wouldn't keep on checking it out and get tired of it before the "big" day came. I always liked my sister's clothes better, maybe its just a worldwide phenomenon. There was also the mehendi application. Now my family must be one of the only muslim families in the world which has no woman that knows the art of doing it. All three of us are super talented at drawing the sun on our hands. Even then, we'd do it for the fun. That smell reminds me of Eid anyday. And then the Chicken Biryani. Aah, to die for. That is one meal I would eat like there's no tomorrow. And then we'd take off to a nearby city for amusement park rides. Or witness the whole city celebrating with fireworks and malls open until wee hours in the morning. Its just the whole atmosphere of celebration. Even if it was more of strangers, it felt like everyone was united.

I sound like a pre-tty old lady when I say times have changed. I don't have the same excitement of new clothes nor the happening city around me. I miss having my sister around when we'd spend crazy times on taking pictures in our new clothes, all decked up. I've taken up trying to learn applying mehendi seriously by experimenting on Mom's hands. This time she vehemently refused to allow me, saying that she's tired of hiding her hands from people. Come on, I'm not that bad. Times have changed. But what still lingers is the smell of the Chicken Biryani. And I've started the tradition of making a new dessert every time around. One of the Mega events is usually the Beach Eidgah but the rains this year have ensure that that is not likely to happen. I shouldn't complain :)

Ooh, I'm off to make my Banoffee Pie :)

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