Monday, 31 October 2011

Help.Me.Out (!)

One of the weeks I dread the most in a year. Because next week is my sister's birthday. And every year, my friends do remember. I pester them for ideas until they beat themselves up for having befriended me in the first place. My sister has this gift of predicting the exact gifts or surprises that we've arranged for. Come on, can't she atleast fake it up like I do? No. She has to blow it away!

I've been sick this week, unable to be disciplined in my workouts. Too much happening. I sleep too less or too much. Too much is more often, I think. And it has been a week of cravings. I have to literally tie my hands to not bake and eat everything on my own. Maybe, that's why Allah gave me brothers. To finish everything up and lick the plates clean. I do mean that!b

These 10 days until Eid are considered to be the holiest days of the year. I should wake up and do better. Aaaah, Eid. Writing about Biryani makes me smile. And I'm already thinking about what to make for dessert. Fried Ice Cream, perhaps? ;)

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