Thursday, 6 October 2011


Some people just touch your lives regardless of the closeness you share. You recall the long lost love you shared. Or you fondly remember the jokes you laughed at together.

When it comes to Steve Jobs, I know we had nothing in common. I haven't used an Apple product till date. Probably touched them, yeah. I'm just his millionth admirer. The shock that I felt when I heard he was no more took even me by surprise. I don't know why, maybe its because some people never die. Such an awesome man. How many people actually live to see their dream become even better than mere true!

We never think about death until it happens to (wait, not us) anyone in our family. I did lose a dear friend, a brother. And even today, it feels like it never happened. The Creator gave us the most beautiful gift of forgetting. Else the fresh memories would have made us mad with grief. I never believed it until then, but it is true. That you know when you're about to die, somehow. He used to talk about how he wanted to die young. How he thought he would be bored out of his skull if he lived really long. He jokingly asked me to make sure I prayed at his funeral. In the last week, he ate his heart out with all the stuff he liked just because he felt like it. Scary. The whole thought of dying. May Allah protect us, Aameen

Its very unlike me to get so serious, but some days are just like this. And I felt like writing :) You know how you kinda think of how many people would turn up at your funeral , what would your fb profile look like, who would cry and stuff like that. Its only when you think of instances like that, that you actually realize your family means the world to you.

Hell, I'm getting outta control here! Next post - Happy Post :)

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