Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yes, I'm an Adult - Oh Nooo, I'm turning Old!

I really can't decide upon what I feel. Honest. I might not look like I'm 16, but I do feel like it. :) I'm turning 21 on the 21st...Nice, eh? My birthdays have always been a silent affair, mostly just me and my friends. You already know about my big 18th celebration (Remember I was in the train all day). My sister is a complete goner when it comes to planning my birthdays. She can't do surprises because she's too lazy to think. She's so lazy that she even leaves the "thinking about the gift" thing to me.That is my favourite part, I get the best gifts from her.

I haven't told you about my stint with gifts, have I. I am blessed with the reputation of getting a lot of gifts but only I know the turmoil my mind goes through when I think about what will be inside. Because, it always nearly is faaaar from my taste. When I was a kid, I used to get multi coloured vases. By the time I was 16, I had enough to open a store. Not to forget the hu-uge number of showpieces of dancing girls and crawling animals. It has become a standing joke in the family now. :)

My brothers have been pestering me for a wishlist since a couple of weeks now, I wanted them to buy something on their own this year. Haha, which reminds me of the gift they once gave. A rotating showpiece, I think, which cost a huge chunk of their savings. Bad me, I exchanged it for a neckpiece. I own it even today , and whenever they see it, they put on their sad puppy face and say " You never like what we gave you, did you". Now that is indeed an Awww moment for me  :)

1. Cookbooks and more and more of it!

How awesome would it be to own a library. I've lately been taken to cookbooks written by blogger-turned-authors. I love reading them even at bedtime, yes people, bedtime. There are like a million authors and I thought I'd lose my mind if I continued reading after 2 hours. So I did have to stop. At this -

Rachel Allen's Bake! - is my all time favourite
Nigella Lawson's Recipes from the Heart of the Home
Any book by Sanjeev Kapoor
Or your personal favourite book

FYI, did you know all these are available on flipkart.com  :)

2. Perfume
Love Love Love it. Ricci Ricci or Nina by Nina Ricci are my current stalking victims. Or anything that smells nice!

3. This jacket
I think I'll die in my quest for this jacket but will not succeed. I must have searched in every store I've been to and by the looks of it, I'll probably get it when everyone else has stopped wearing it! Size M, people and a little longer!  ;)

4. Bag ... Has to be there on my list!
You know the kind. Nothing flashy, but in good basic colors and of this length. Not a shoulder bag!

This is an easy-easy one. But its a very personal thing. You see, I'm not a very jewellery person. I hate anything that's flashy. I love solitaire diamonds ;) The only accessory I pretty much use are watches. Oh , speaking about watches, that's a fantastic idea as well!

See, ain't flashy. You might be thinking its drab, accept it, you have bad taste :)

 6. ANYthing to do with interiors. 
Now this is where you get to be creative. Personalized photos in wooden frames (No cheesy stuff, oki?). Or involve my favourite magazine.

Now take a breather, folks. This is for my brothers. Its called a "wish"list for a reason!

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