Monday, 10 October 2011

The Obsession Series - 3

The Joy of Shopping

This is definitely one of those foolproof ways to make a girl happy. At least all the ones that I know! Ask a girl, and they would never have shopped enough. Because we just can't ever shop enough.

This week was a not so happy week for my wallet. I keep asking myself why I'm such a pathetic spendthrift. I can't seem to master the skill to save. Even the fact that I earn close to peanuts doesn't seem to work :| Well, getting back to the point, my close friend had this sale and I ended up buying three pairs of footwear. What else did I buy this week? Thinking...Thinking...thinking

I can't choose between what's best - Street shopping or the Malls. Maybe I'll do a briefing of both :)

Street Shopping -

Rows and rows of clothes/footwear/bags of ALL colours imaginable. Vendors who speak Hindi that's heavily accented with their native slang. And the bargaining. Now that can become a lot of fun. Especially when you go from school and patofy the vendor by saying that you're poor and you got less pocket money. And you fight with friends to say that you liked the stuff first so its yours.
Its amazing to see the blend of people that come for street shopping - There's the middle class bunch, who'll bargain like their life's dependent on it only when it comes to street shopping and act all hi-fi when they go to the high end shops, because bargaining is not even a thinkable option. Or the look-like-model girls who get down from their Mercs and end up being even better bargainers than them! Of the places I've been to , Mumbai has got to be the best when it comes to this. Even Bengaluru doesn't fail to surprise , with ComStreet and Brigade Road. Or Chennai's Cotton Street. Don't be surprised if you see something like this while you're at it -

My friend Dhruvi at ComStreet, Bengaluru :)

And after all that walking, a plate of Sev Puri or a Softy completes it all.

Mall Mania -
Now this is best enjoyed when you have your wallets full if you're a guy. But when you're a girl, all you need are the bucks to reach the mall. And that confident attitude when you walk into a store that you WILL buy something! I was an expert in my prime (I'm not 80 now, but you tend to be awfully good at this sport when you're 18). I can still manage to pull this one off though. You walk from store to store in the hope of buying something. You see, unlike the affirmation you have in street shopping that you will get something, this is an investment that requires time and price comparison. On top of that, the pressure to visit all the stores until you reach the food court in limited time. All these principles go down the drain when there's SALE. How much do we love that word. You absolutely have to buy something but no one likes carrying their stuff in the store bag that has the word 'sale' on it. :) Calicut is still waiting for a mall revolution to sweep its roads, so unfortunately we have to depend on other cities. All malls are kinda the same - They have the same branded outlets, the same crowd, and kilometres and kilometres to walk. But, who's complaining? ;)

Did I mention that its my all time favourite exercise too? :)

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