Saturday, 15 October 2011

Websites that are absolute steals.

It does go unsaid, about Google being the unanimous winner. I can't imagine a life without it, it has become such an irreplaceable part of my life. Its the first thing I run to whenever I'm in doubt. I'm going to take you through a couple of websites that you should - wait a minute - SHOULD consider checking out if you're smart like me :)

My last post did have reference to this, so I will elaborate. We all waited for an amazon to serve the Indian crowd and now we have it. You'll find pretty much all the books you need at good prices (along with mobile phones and other stuff) with a hoard of payment options. Timely service. And good ads lately.

Now don't go spend ridiculous amounts on perfume and other branded stuff when you can buy them online at an average discount of 60% off. No, I ain't kidding. They have a business model which allows them to offer good discounts for genuine products (Google how online shopping websites work). The collection is pretty good, so go check it out. Like now!

If you're traveling, this one is a must visit. Has reviews of almost every hotel/restaurant imaginable and some of them are downright funny. Its the one part of my job that I love because it can get so entertaining :) Back to the point, do check it out when you're packing your bags next. Or Aise Hi :)

Oprah isn't just for girls but if you're really macho, then turn to Dr.Oz. Facts that even amaze a person like me, who's science-averse. Its a pleasant mix of health, food, lifestyle, fitness and a lot more

Essential to keep a check on the economy. I know many will just skip this point!

Fantastic website for all recipes with a million reviews. Try it to believe it :)

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