Thursday, 27 October 2011

Eventful Week? I think.

You know when they say you will never understand the value of what you have unless you lose it? They are right. And I did realize it this week. My mom has to stay away from home for a fortnight until she is nursed back to health. Boy, did my brothers jump with joy or what. No Mom = Fried snacks in the evening = Control over the remote. They did at least take the effort to fake tears when she left. But I know that deep down, they do miss her. I'd like to believe that's true

I'd gone to stay with her for a couple of days and that's when I learned the BIG lessons of life. The only source of entertainment was our conversation. All depressed souls around us. I'm not getting started on the food. I started comparing everything to how awesome it is to just SIT on a couch at home. It broke my heart to leave her there, will be heading again on the day after next.

God, I miss her. I am so not ready to leave all of this behind and start a "new" life. When mom's around, you don't have to ponder over meals and make sure they're tasty enough after a long tiring day. Its also true when they say a mother is the warmth that completes home. Sounds like oodles of emotion, I know. But you should start believing them. I know they are absolutely right. :)

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