Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why the Indian education system will always be....Well, Indian.

This is one aspect of the country which will remain unchanged even if we become a developed nation by 2020. True, we can proudly boast of owning many of the brightest minds in the world. But in a country of a billion, that just probably amounts to a few thousands. Now that's a figure that is a mild guess, but a pretty sure one at that.

My sister studied what my mother studied, I studied what she did and my brothers study what I did. I'm not overlooking the fact that you have got to learn the basics, things that remain unchanged over a period of time. What I am underlining is that we never have new subjects introduced into our syllabus. Even if it is, it fizzes out as fast as it was introduced. Even if there are creative classes, seldom does it happen. And talking about sports, 3 years of my high school went in learning to dribble the basketball. There may be schools excelling in the same, but then again, I'm referring to the general picture. I always wonder how introducing mandatory sessions of basic carpentry/plumbing/gardening/cooking (had to being that in, didn't I!) or other stuff that we will need will be an interesting skill to learn.

A huuge effort by the CBSE Board to eliminate the spoon feeding process was the introduction of formative-submittive-blah blah. To put it in simple words, bludger away so many projects on the kid that he's left with no time to study. And these assignments, mind you, are most often copied. From the textbook. Or sometimes, the work is outsourced. For a Rs.10 Dairy Milk, you know. The thing that annoys me the most is giving extra workload on weekends. Or the holidays. Its called a holiday for a reason and no one realizes that. I can't count the number of times we've cancelled outings just because my brothers had work to do.

Wishful thinking - Being able to choose the subjects we want after high school. Why do we have to swallow down stuff that we know will not be used. And the concept of "using them in your future life". Please, that is far from reality. People don't even remember what they studied last month!

And I absolutely hate that classes only end by 4. Come on, that's a whole day gone. Start early and finish early. Would be so much easier on the public transport too.

I've been thinking for 5 minutes, and I simply can't point out something that I like. Maybe I hated being forced to study only what's in the textbooks. I absolutely loved library hour. And Math.

I know what would make a difference. If we had English teachers that could actually speak English. And public speaking classes right from Kindergarten. In my head, I've already built a model school. Which is kind of awesomee :)

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