Saturday, 24 September 2011

"Happy to Help"? Encounters

This post is in every way intended to bring about disrepute to the associated brands and is personal and coincidental.

Oh god, seriously. Everyday I pray that the scene of customer service in India will undergo an overnight revolution. Oki, I know that's wishful thinking. Atleast , within a year should be a probable thought.
I know I have a lovely temper and  even I surprise myself with the heights it can reach when I have these "Happy to Help" encounters. Here's a list of the most terrible-unforgiving experiences I've had with brands that I had blindly trusted once upon a time.

1. Airtel
Anyone who knows me well would know the special bond we share. They are partly responsible for my financial situation today, owing to the numerous calls and visits I've been forced to make :) 3 months. And they denied to fix SMS problems that I was entitled to after paying them for the same. You wouldn't believe it, but the rep had the audacity to actually point her finger at me and say "You're not the only one, everybody in the country has this issue". I ask her , isn't it high time you get it fixed since this has become a national issue?
In steps the manager, and I was relieved someone had ears for me. That was just a momentary thought. He actually started yelling at me. Even when I write this now, I'm fuming! I vowed that I would quit their connection then and there and talk about this to everyone I know.
They did give a good reason to my mother for doing so. The poor thing didn't understand why her credit seemed to disappear every month. Automatic hello tunes is what I call it. They refused to process our MNP request. When we wanted to contact the local office, they refused to give the telephone number.

We are all a happy Vodafone family now. :) (Fingers crossed)


Oh yeah, they do have a good pocket-friendly collection of watches. But the service, come again!? My watch has entered the service shop close to ten times in the two years it has been bought. It takes a loong time to get fixed and even after I reminded them to call me, little did that happen. All I got is that we-are-not-responsible-its-your-duty smile. GOD. I don't know what is worse. The "I am the king" or this "We are helpless" attitude .

If one wants real customer service, go to the small vendors. Boy, do they know the books or what! When I hear about the quality of service offered abroad, it makes me want to cry. Seriously. Like in America, you can actually read a book and return it if you don't like it after purchase. Or in Singapore, returning a pair of shoes that you've worn is far from a problem. Wow.

This post can probably go on forever so I should probably stop and take a breather before I think about which brands will join the list :)

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