Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Obsession Series - Part 2

Lifestyle changes that changed my life

Well, I can't really call this an obsession - obsession. Yet. But, in a way, I am fascinated with the simple changes that took place in my life over the last couple of years. I was always what an Indian would call "healthy" -  A happy, round person and the best part is never did I think myself as being fat. Its probably in my teens, when the size zero kicked in that I decided I needed to drop a few pounds. And then started years and years of exercise and "dieting" in vain. When I look back, I can point out a few changes I could have made. I gulped down grass when everyone around me devoured candies. Oh boy, how much did I envy (and I still do, very much!) people who could eat without gaining weight. I hate the eternal war that exists between my urge to eat and yet be healthy.

Now I know better.You can be at much bigger risks if you're thin.

I am much more fitter now, though not perfect! Thanks to protien shakes. My mom sometimes tells me with the yoga that I practice, I should have looked better than Kareena Kapoor. Like that is so happening.
 I've compiled a list of 6 changes that you should incorporate in your life. Because it comes from a person who has been at the hard end.

1. Exercise
Its a universally accepted enemy, but yes, it can do wonders. Even if you're thin, there's something called visceral fat that can deposit outside your organs because of your eating habits. I've fought acne during my teens and this is the only remedy I got to have clear skin. :) So start working out - I've learned to love the treadmill and the yoga mat.

2. Drink Water
And no, 3 glasses are just not enough. Your urine has to be close to water to show that you're drinking enough. Make sure you have 12 glasses at the least. Drink, drink, drink :) And you'll know what I'm talking about.

3.  Sleep
Now that is one area I have never ever had a problem at. Give me a place to lie down and I'll sleep away to glory in 5 minutes. You have to sleep for 7-8 hours. Know it for yourself - 5 hours of sleep and you wake up cranky the next morning.

4. Take off to a cold place every 3 months
Believe it or not, a doctor once told me that going to a cold place forces our body to collect more oxygen and the effect lasts upto 3 months. Awesome, isn't it :)

5. Get your bowels moving
This can be an embarrassing topic, but it is so important. Thrice a week is not good enough, once a week, definitely not. Water, papaya, banana - LOADS of fiber. Chew 'em down everyday

6.  Get knowledge
Its not just about reading newspapers or Harry Potter (Can't believe I'm saying that because I am a die-hard fan!), but we have got to have some knowledge. We're blessed with so much access, most often, our grandfathers know better. So, get moving. Here's a list of stuff that can power your body with information. (I am one big fan of lists too, ain't I : ) )
  • The Dr.Oz Show - That guy is a freakin genius
  • Don't lose your mind, lose your weight - By Rujuta Diwekar
  • 10 things you need to know about losing weight (And this is not just about losing weight) documentary
This can go on and on , but these 3 are well worth the time. I haven't written about stuff that is obvious and you will be knowing about for sure.

I wouldn't want anyone to be like people who take their health for granted and say "We have to die anyhow someday". Its your life, and you've been blessed with good health. So keep it.

P.S. Chocolates and  goodies still do sneak their way into my life. Period. :)

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