Monday, 26 September 2011

Just Another Weekend

Another weekend went by, and I've overcome my Monday Blues. Well, I have them only if Dad doesn't drive me to work :) Weekends are family time - I get more and enough of it now! A typical weekend is a lot of cooking indulgence when it comes to me. Thought I'd share the outcome of my experiment with you. :)

Flaky yet Not-So-Perfect Croissants!

These took me an entire happy day to bake but they were SO worth it. Didn't come out as soft as expected though. Some of them were chocolate filled. Recipe on request haha :) What should I make next weekend. Hmmm.

Saturdays are lazed out, maybe a hangout with the girls. But sadly, everyone has got a life now! Nothing can be as awesome as that. After cooking dinner, its chattering time. When I think about it, what on earth does everyone talk about so much? Beats me! A house with kids has to be noisy 24*7. No exaggeration.
I miss weekends when friends were always available and we went window shopping. Or made it to fancy restaurants after having saved up for a week. Saudi days were even better because weekends had this whole different ring to it. We stayed out as late as 1 a.m. ,dined at our favorite restaurants and shopped till we dropped. Now that I've started working, home is the perfect place to be. On Saturday, my youngest brother gave me quality coaching in badminton. (Mind you, quality coaching backed by far from good quality learning). They are absolute darlings when it comes to teaching me something. Maybe, somewhere, they do look upto me :)

I'm not a big fan of Sunday nights. You know you have to wait for a whole week to get up late. Why do these weekends have to fly! :)

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