Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Obsession Series

Obsession 1 - Cooking

Yes, you read it right. Nothing can give me as much excitement (and I do mean excited excited!) than cooking/baking. I can't recall the first thing I ever cooked. But from how much I know me, it would have been something sweet. I have a big family so my bad experiments will always have hungry mouths to disappear into, regardless of how bad they are! Coming to think of it, I don't think I'll be able to cook for 2 because I am so used to cooking for all of them. The first time we bought an oven, I was reading recipes till 2 in the morning. That is how obsessed I can get!

Rock-like Cakes, Burnt Pav Bhaji, Sunken Cakes - All these have just been and are still a part of my kitchen. Well, I can't really call it mine. I'm yearning for the day when I will have my OWN. Because Mom has this obsession of making sure her hand touches anything I cook. She calls it the magical hand. (Bless Her)

 Maybe one day I will start a restaurant. Or a bakery. I love this concept of "One Day". It makes a comfortable place for all our dreams to snooze :)

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