Friday, 30 September 2011

The Islamic So True/So False

I know I could be a much better Muslim by way of doing Da'awah - the arabic word that is used to invite one to the teachings of Islam. I've been taking baby steps for a long time now and even I wonder when will I take the plunge. Let's run a check on the most common topics that make the rounds to see how many of them are true.

Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) founded Islam and Muslims worship him as well
So False. The Holy Book, Quran came into existence in his era and therefore, it is often considered that he founded the religion. The first man, Adam was a Muslim and there were over a lakh prophets with different holy books spread across the ages. The Quran is a miracle since it is an unbeatable compilation of scientific facts that preceded discovery by mankind and predictions about the future that are gradually unfolding in front of our eyes.Beautiful miraculous stories that are prevalent today - like the promise of keeping King Pharaoh's body intact till eternity as proof is one among the thousands. Critics will often take verses to quote verses but these are most often out of context.

Women should cover themselves modestly
So true. Its an order from the Creator that was pretty much awesome considering the society we live in. And this isn't applicable to just the women, the men have a dress code to be followed as well. So BAM!, goes the misconception of sidelining women in Islam as well.

Music/Movies - Not allowed?
Somewhere in between. This is a debatable topic among the Muslims as well but the common agreement is that anything with vulgar content is not encouraged. Come on, would you like your daughter to dance to Sheila Ki Jawani? In short, anything that is intoxicating , i.e. too much of something, does more harm than good.

Saliva is not to be swallowed during fasting.
SO false. You have got to be stupid if you'd have believed it at some point. How can anyone survive without doing that?! It was during this month that the Holy Book was given to mankind. Beautiful month, this is. Everyone becomes so damn good. Only if it remained the same way. Compulsory alms is something I love in this time and not to forget Eid. Another thing, this whole month is called Ramadan. And the last day of celebration is Eid. Its something like people calling the month of December as Christamas!

Day of Judgement will dawn upon us.
So true. And no, it won't be in 2012. Because only He knows. If this day wasn't there, how would people committing crimes get punished. You may ask why does Allah let this happen in the first place. We are given the intelligence and free will to choose our path. And bear with the consequences. So ultimately, you have to pay for what you have done. Or be rewarded for being faithful. Google 72 signs for the Day of Judgement (make sure the website is authentic) and be surprised at what's happening around you.

Jihad/Terrorism - Killing Non - Muslims is the way to paradise
So false. I mean, SO false. Nowhere has it been said to wage a holy war unless and until someone forces you to practice against Islam. In simple words, doesn't let you practice your faith. Giving an example, Muslims are told to love their neighbors regardless of their faith. Make sure their stomachs are full. All this bombing and shombing, way way out of league, it is. And to top it all, the media coverage forces you to hate Islam.

Dr.Zakir Naik offers an excellent insight to all these topics, as he is a student of comparative religion. I'm just doing my job of spreading the message. Peace, brothers and sisters :) I love you all!

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