Thursday, 15 September 2011

Why I took a U - Turn in my career

We've all seen those kids or been one among them. "What do you want to be when you grow up"? "Doctor! Engineer!Pilot!" Some kids, like my brothers, had very very plausible ambitions. Like being the petrol pump guy because it seemed he would get all the money collected from us. Or being a security guard because the only thing you had to learn was to operate the generator back-up. Or there's a whole new group who don't have specific ambitions, how much ever they tried. I'd point blank fall in the last category. The only thing I ever wanted to be was be happy :)

I am in the era where medicine and engineering seem to be the only lucrative option for a bright career (Any of my friends falling in this category - No offense intended and you know that very well!). I do remember while gulping down phyla in high school that I vowed to not take biology. Because I absolutely sucked at memorizing. And the only areas I liked in engineering were not really preferred for GIRLS. How much ever I hate to say it or deny it, I took up commerce because that had subjects that the other groups didn't have. And my sister "inspired" me too. Hmmm

I loved the subjects. And I loved the thought of being an entrepreneur. Creating jobs, weaving lives. The thrill of it all. And I decided to take up management studies. Even back then, Interior Design was there in a corner of my mind. But I was afraid. Liking something and being good at it are two different things. And then came that dreaded period in college where you HAVE to think about what you are doing next. This phase seems to be a cycle in my life. About being such a pathetic decision-maker. I didn't want to do an MBA. The pain of all that CAT preparation and then finally shaving your head to work for an MNC. Oh yes, the pay is way more than sexy. But it just wasn't interesting enough.

After months of painstaking thinking and conversation, I decided to take up designing. Gave my sister the perfect opportunity to say "I told you so!". I should have listened to her. But my Mangalore experience has changed my life beyond words. No regrets :)

Someone once told that going to work shouldn't feel like work. And that is how I wanted to feel. How many of us actually do what we love? Or we just do it because everyone else was doing it or we don't know what else would we be good at. I say, follow your dream. Find your true calling. Because there's nothing like it!

P.S. I still think I can design. Yet to be proved :)

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